We work with artists who put love and intention into each piece, creating art that uplifts you and your space.

Our founding team is very passionate about uplifting and empowering all to pursue their passions. We strongly believe that following what brings us joy presents the opportunity to live a life of purpose. When we are in alignment with our purpose, our work has a greater impact on the world around us, and it becomes much easier to find peace and happiness. This is one of the many reasons why we love to work with artists.

We also understand the power held within art. Because everything in this universe is energy, we believe that a piece of art created through the heart with intention can enhance whatever field it is in. 

Read about some of the artists we've worked with so far on our blog!

We are always searching for new talent to be a part of our community and contribute to future collections…

This is an open invitation to all artists who feel drawn to us to submit an original piece of artwork to be included as a part of our ever-expanding Heart Collection.

We will reach out to you once your submission has been reviewed. If your piece is selected, we will provide an offer and details on how to proceed. You will also be invited to join our official artist list (this means that you will be notified about upcoming collection themes and have the opportunity to have your work featured!) Click here for details on how to submit your artwork

If you have a piece of original art that is not heart related, but you feel strongly that it is in alignment with Planet Joy, we encourage you to submit it. If we feel the same way, then we’ll try our best to work something out… who knows, maybe you will inspire our next collection :D