How to Submit Your Artwork

Please Include: 

  • A few words explaining why you feel drawn to work with Planet Joy.
  • Links to your social media accounts and/or portfolio - we want to get a feel for you and your work!
  • Your artwork (can be more than 1 piece)
    • Image requirements:
      • Positive, uplifting energy 
      • Original creation by you, owned by you, never posted online or sold in any way
      • Image file for viewing in PDF, JPG or PNG (if selected we will need a high quality PNG or JPG of at least 300dpi)
    • A title and short description of the image(s) (click here for an example - read the "about the art" section)
    • Encouraged, but not required:
      • Created by hand > digitally rendered

If submitting to the Heart Collection: any heart/love inspired artwork has a chance, it doesn’t necessarily need to be the traditional heart shape, so let your creativity flow! 

Get in touch via our contact page, and we will guide you through the submission process. 

We can't wait to connect with you and see your work!