About Us

Hi! Welcome to Planet Joy.

We are an Earth-conscious company looking to bring more beauty into your life. We recognize that as a human family, we are at a great juncture in time, and we see the many outcomes, positive and negative that could lie ahead. We choose to focus on the positive ones.

Our mission as a company is to aid humanity in manifesting our best possible future, a future where we live in harmony with one another, the Earth, and all of the sentient beings with whom we share this home.

We are always looking for new ways to improve. We will never stop researching the latest in sustainability for our products, presenting new ideas to you, and adding to our offerings to bring us all closer to living healthier and more fulfilling lives that work with mother nature. Below, you’ll find our manifesto, the words that serve as a guide to us as we grow along side you. 


We are all ONE.

We are not an American company.
We are an EARTH company.
We view humanity as One Race.
We celebrate All Cultures.
We help our staff transform into the best versions of themselves.
We innovate rapidly to stay on the leading edge of exponential
human upliftment, growth and change. 
We live, create, and do business in harmony with nature.
We believe happiness and joy are the most powerful tools for productivity.
We nurture a culture of gratitude, compassion and appreciation.
We believe in serving humanity and Earth equally.

We stand up for what we believe in.

We unite our customers, employees and our vendors into one community sharing One Purpose.

In all that we think, say and do,
we Nurture All Children of All Species for All Time.
It is our Greatest Hope that you join us in your version 
of this way of living and being.