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Butterfly Greeting Cards — Set of 9

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Grab a set of beautiful 5x5 greeting cards perfect for any occasion. Printed on recycled paper using water-based inks, these cards are sure to make both the recipient and the Earth very happy!

Each set includes 9 cards total: 3 with Fire Monarch, 3 with the Spring Dream butterfly and 3 with the Cosmic Remembrance butterfly. White envelopes included. 

Created by the brilliant Sophia Padua, these butterflies each represent a different moment on the transformation journey.

The Fire Monarch represents the moment on the transformation journey when the reality of who we thought we were and what we thought we wanted begins to disintegrate. This piece embodies the flames of transformation.

The Spring Dream butterfly brings about a sense of ease and new beginnings. Like the first sprouts of spring, this butterfly is bright and full of hope. The same way the imaginal cells within the caterpillar carry the blueprint for the butterfly, we too carry the ancient wisdom to grow into the most exquisite version of who we are.

The Cosmic Remembrance butterfly carries mastery upon their wings - each circle of light represents a different level of self-mastery. This butterfly is a visual representation of many transformations and the wisdom gained throughout a lifetime of learning and expansion.