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Be You, Be True . . . Discover Your True Life Path

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Live online workshop with Reba Vanderpool

Saturday February 5, 2022 | 1:00pm-4:00pm PST

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No matter what stage of life you're in, this workshop will help uncover your sovereignty and power. Learn how to ask the right questions which will guide your life and career decisions from this point forward. Even more importantly, learn how to answer those questions, as well as how to stay in alignment with your truest self.

We will spend 3 hours live online, working as a group to discover your truest life path— the right combination of things that will bring you joy, fill your life with deep meaning and satisfaction, and will  best serve your loved ones and all of Earth.

Most of us forget, or maybe don't even believe, that we create our own lives. It is time to recognize that we have this power and to learn how to use it to highest and best advantage. Investing in yourself will uplift all beings! This is a truth that many do not understand, but nothing is more true or more powerful. It's a new year; let's start it with a refreshed and new you!

Please bring a journal and pen to class.

Upon payment, you will receive an order confirmation by email along with a 10 minute reading assignment to be completed before class. 

Your live class link will be emailed to you an hour before class begins.

We suggest you dedicate a journal to this work, for you will come back to it over and over. We call it a Life Path Journal. If you need a new one, we have some great, handmade eco-journals here.  


Reba Vanderpool has been a teacher for over 30 years. It is her passion and joy to share what she has learned with those who may benefit from her years of study and practice. She is a Certified Life Coach and a meditation teacher, working with many modalities from cultures around the world. She has coached both personal and business clients. Reba is a serial entrepreneur with success in a variety of fields including award-winning interior design, and a great many years teaching and coaching in health and wellness. For ten years, she ran a film related events business which focused on community building, personal growth, teaching and eco sustainability. Now she combines all of her skills and wisdom in a single entity: Planet Joy.