Lavender Honey Mandala Tote Bag - Natural - PLANET JOY

Lavender Honey Mandala Tote Bag

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Meet your new favorite tote bag. The best part about it is the intentionally created, original art that it carries ... but it's also highly functional and sustainably made. This canvas tote bag is made from 80% recycled cotton and 20% recycled polyester, and measures in at 14.57 x 15.35in. Perfect for a quick trip to the farmer’s market or any other errands around town. Using only high quality materials and construction, this bag is made to last.


Also available as a larger shopping bag.

Please note: The images you see here are digital mockups. Because these bags are mostly made of natural fibers and we use water-based inks — the print may not be quite as vivid as it appears here, but we can assure you it will still be beautiful and that the bag itself is of the highest quality.

True to its namesake, the Lavender Honey Mandala is sweet and calming. Allow your heart to relax into the warm embrace of this mandala's soft energy. It can be used as a focus for meditation or contemplation whenever you are needing a boost in comfort or heart opening.

Because this design was originally hand-drawn, expect a little more soul and a little less "perfection" than you would from a digitally rendered mandala.

This is an illuminated creation by Sasha Takata