Who is Responsible for the Earth?

person looking out into the great expanse with their arms outstretched

This is a very big question and the answers to it may present equally large ramifications.

I suggest that both the asking and our attempts to respond are very worthwhile. Earth is our home and without it, we, along with all other life forms here, may not survive.

It seems to me rather obvious that there are no plants or animals other than humans that are doing any damage to the earth. They all seem to innately know to take only what they need to live. They don’t hunt or kill just for the sport of it. They don’t create litter or waste that does not biodegrade. Their homes are all temporary and biodegradable. They don’t manufacture products, with planned obsolescence designed into them from the start, that are cluttering the ocean, the land and our bodies with poisons, micro-plastics and heavy metals. They don’t pollute Earth’s air, soils or waters.

There are some who would argue that animals are simply not smart enough to design, create and manufacture as we human animals do. True, that is not how their minds work, but is that a lack of intelligence? I think not; it is simply a different kind of wisdom that is native to them. Animals don’t kill each other for possessions, beliefs, power or money. The males of some species do challenge each other for mating privileges, but they don’t kill for it. In this admittedly brief review, they are coming out on top if there is a contest for sane, sustainable living.

Humans are just not there yet, but our day is rapidly approaching. We are being backed into a corner as our planet becomes sicker and less able to sustain healthy life. We have the needed creativity and brain power, so let's take a good look at the reality of our plight. Everyone needs to chip in if we are to create a healthy planet.

There are so many of us that it is almost impossible to fail if we each participate in a way that is consistent and heart-felt.


"Your wound is not your fault, but the healing is your responsibility."

Photo and quote posted by Nikhil Chandan

It doesn’t have to be huge, but we do have to care enough to persist in not only clean-up, but in creating and living by a higher standard with the long term in mind.


The Planet Joy Manifesto is our way of thinking, speaking, visioning and doing what we hold closest to our hearts.


We are all ONE.
We are not an American company.
We are an EARTH company.
We view humanity as One Race.
We celebrate All Cultures.
We help our staff transform into the best versions of themselves.
We innovate rapidly to stay on the leading edge of exponential
human upliftment, growth and change. 
We live, create, and do business in harmony with nature.
We believe happiness and joy are the most powerful tools for productivity.
We nurture a culture of gratitude, compassion and appreciation.
We believe in serving humanity and Earth equally.
We stand up for what we believe in.
We unite our customers, employees and our vendors
into one community sharing one purpose.
In all that we think, say and do,
we Nurture All Children of All Species for All Time.

It is our greatest hope that you join us in your version of this way of living and being.



  • this is a joy to read-joy to start the day with this-joy to connect with the heart of the intention and love in the thoughts.

  • Once again, I’m inspired by the blog posts from Planet Joy. This one in particular hits the bullseye! Reading your manifesto, I find myself thinking “What if most—or all—businesses adopted some version of this vision?” Indeed, unless they/we do so, our beautiful species will not be around for much longer—and, tragically, we will take down many or most other species with us.

    But our planet will survive, whatever we do. It would be such a shame, though, to leave a joyless planet behind. Let’s all stand for the vision to wake up collectively in time.

    Thank you all for the wonderful and inspiring work you are doing. The world needs you . . . It needs Planet Joy!


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