The Winter Solstice

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We are approaching one of my favorite times of year. No, it’s not Christmas, although I do love the joy, peace on Earth, and spirit of gifting from the heart that comes with that holiday. What I am referring to is the Winter Solstice, which has been celebrated on Earth for thousands of years, long before Christmas came into being!

The winter solstice is part of the celebration of the seasons. In the northern hemisphere specifically, the winter solstice marks the shortest day of the year and simultaneously, the longest night — the ending of the harvest or fall season, and the beginning of winter. On the surface, winter looks like a time of rest and passivity, and in many ways it is. But if you stop and take a deeper look, you will find that there is much more happening than appears at first glance … Hmmm, that “stop and take a deeper look” is actually a big part of the winter season. 

The winter solstice is a time to celebrate the harvest and all that has come to us during the fall as a result of our work throughout the year.

It marks the change of season as it is the first official day of winter. We celebrate the bounty, our community, and all of our collective participation in the harvest. In full recognition of that, we celebrate, rejoice and give thanks for it all. We also celebrate the return of Light, as from this day forward, the days get longer.

After the celebration, it is time to go inward into the darkness, the silence, the rest and peace that winter brings.

We must allow ourselves time to rest and to be present. It is time to let go and relax. We have just completed a very busy and productive cycle that required much output of energy, time and outward focus. There is another phase coming soon enough that will bring wildflowers and new life. 

But now, right now, it is time to go inward, review our harvest, both physically and psychologically. Take note: In what ways did you expand and grow? Did you experience deep joy and happiness? Did you contribute something of value to life itself . . . laughter, play, creativity, compassion, curiosity, building community, peace, or harmony in your family, in the world?  

Every moment, without exception, we are contributing to the collective. Are we doing so consciously?

Whatever your review reveals, know that it was perfect for where you were then. Whether good, or maybe a little less good, release it all with gratitude for the experiences and the revelations that have come to you.

Now is the time to rest deeply and to allow visions and dreams of the next new version of you to bubble up into your awareness. Continue to sit in the darkness, the stillness, and the peace of this season. This is the dreamtime, the time when you literally begin to see hints of your future self and to plant the seeds of who you will become in this next part of the cycle that we call spring. It is a fresh start, when all that is brand new sprouts forth into the world. You are not separate from this seasonal process; it is deeply, and truly a part of who you are.

As you are sitting in the darkness and the stillness — accept what has been and give thanks — allow what is now and relax fully into it. Only then can you settle and dream into being that which is to come. Just as the little acorn is nestled into the womb of the Earth waiting to sprout and begin its journey to becoming a mighty oak, it is your dream, your vision, your life that is forming during this period of rest. Enjoy the stillness, the darkness, the peace and the process, and allow yourself to relax deeply into it for there is much to come and this is your time to rest and prepare for it. 

Never forget that through the darkness, You Are The Light!

You are the carrier of Light through this season of darkness as you compost your past year, and use that mulchy richness to feed and nurture the renewal of life that is to come forward through you and as you in the coming resurrection and rebirth that is spring.

Happy Solstice! May you rest and dream well . . .


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  • What a beautiful and heartfelt reminder that life itself celebrates both shadow and light. Without darkness, we would not know, let alone appreciate, radiance. We need rejuvenating sleep and dreams as much as we need exercise while awake. Sleep is the food of the night, as our dreams nurture us in silence.

    Blessings to all sentient beings during the long, renewing hours of darkness.

    Thank you, Planet Joy!


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