Sound Healing with Clare Hedin

Clare Hedin with Shruti

It is now the tail end of winter and we are beginning to stir from our winter slumber. The sun is warming, the days are getting longer, and nature is beginning to wake up. We have come through the long, dark nights of winter which brought rest and time for deep contemplation. We have done the Life Path workshop as part of our discovery process of the newest version of ourselves, and now we are here to do some fine-tuning to ready ourselves for the next stage of our development. To that end, we are honored to offer the sound healing work of Clare Hedin. Following are 2 quotes of Clare’s that very succinctly and eloquently speak to this topic:

“How we come into relationship with all that is present is directly affected by who we are being, what is influencing us, and how well we know ourselves. Sound is a phenomenal and profound way to connect to our divinity, transform our consciousness, and clear our bodies and minds of concern and illusion ... making room for joy.”  

— Clare

I have experienced this for myself many times over working with Clare and find that I never tire of it. There is always something to be gained when working with sound, ranging from deep healing and transformation to alignment that may seem small but makes all the difference in how one feels and consequently interacts in the world.

“Intentional sound speaks to our bodies, minds, and emotions in ways that transform our presence ... it takes us into a different orientation, bypassing resistance. Because we are vibrational in nature, we respond systemically to intentional vibrations created in sound healing sessions. When we flow, life happens.”

 — Clare

Following are a few comments from those who have worked with Clare:

“Clare Hedin is a vocal, tonal, resonance and energy master. She reads the underlying dynamic and aspiration in a group field and brings those hidden dimensions into the most fulfilling and harmonious expression. Clare knows that the evolving edge of healing lies in exploring our collective emergence ... and she knows how to bring us to that edge. Maybe you have never heard the sound of our collective longing, our collective sorrow or our collective joy, but you will in the presence of her work!”

James O’Dea
Shift Network Peace Ambassador, Former Directory Amnesty International, Faculty & Former President Institute of Noetic Sciences.

“Good medicine is anything or anyone that puts in alignment the spiritual, mental, emotional and physical ... When I experienced Clare Hedin’s sound healing while attending an international conference, I knew immediately that she is good medicine, aligning at every level. The 30 minutes of her sound healing produced such well-being: healing, clarity, and energy to be in hope-filled action. I look forward to the next opportunity to draw on Clare’s wisdom, expertise, and intuition.” 

Anita L. Sanchez, Ph.D.
Organization Development, international, award-winning author, speaker, consultant, trainer 
(Findhorn Climate Crisis & Consciousness Conference, UK)

“Clare’s voice pierces the air and brings forth a sound that helps us remember. Her voice is guttural, deep and rich ... She carries the sounds of ancestors, weaving a sonic tapestry of the seen and unseen ... With sound she shapes the space, giving permission to reverberate with the mystic in all of us who cries out with desire for the infinite and is satiated simultaneously in the joy of the prayer itself. (Working with) Clare is like stepping into a sanctuary that she creates (with her voice)." 

Suzanne Astar
Somatic Practitioner

Classically trained in piano and voice from a very early age, Clare finds her inspiration through her love of nature and transformational discovery. 

  • MA in Consciousness Studies & Creativity (JFKU)
  • Associate Degree in music theory (Laney Community College)
  • BA in Fine Art & Transformative Studies. (AAU, SFSU, CIIS)
  • Studied voice, piano, guitar, and Shruti with mentors Rhiannon, Peter Apfelbaum, Sylvia Nakkach, and with the kind support of various Jazz greats who came through Yoshi’s Jazz Club in Oakland, where she managed Artist Relations for two years.
Clare Hedin playing Tibetan Singing Bowls

A natural healer, she co-created the Sound Healing Program at the CA Institute of Psychoacoustics in San Francisco (CIP), and took her original healing music into Oakland Children’s Hospital, CA and Middlesex hospital, UK for a number of years.

She is a guest lecturer at Central St. Martin’s MA in Applied Imagination and has lectured to the British Advertising Industry on Creativity through IPA.

Clare was a lecturer at San Francisco State University for 8 years, teaching Management students how to identify their creativity in relation to the metaphysical, the relational and the felt experience; both within business and their own everyday lives.

“Share a unique experience of a loving space, a deeper understanding, a spiritual teaching supported by dynamic sounding ... all in response to what is waiting to be noticed, We are each a seed ... of potential. The Alchemy is in the listening.”

— Clare

You will find Clare’s sound samples and product offerings at Planet Joy here.


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