Resurrecting Earth and Humanity

people holding hands in unity

We rested and planted the seeds of our dreams during the winter season. Now as spring arrives, our seeds are beginning to sprout, awakening from the deep slumber amidst the rich, nurturing darkness of the dreamtime. This is a time of birthing from the womb of our soul, a resurrection of the newest version of ourselves, much as Earth is resurrecting herself from the barrenness of winter into the joyous, colorful and fragrant display of new growth every spring. It is a time of jubilant celebration in nature where every wee plant is gloriously presenting itself in all its beauty.

What visions did you dream during the winter rest, and how are you now presenting the newest version of yourself to the world?

It is an opportunity like no other! You don’t have to be perfected in your new version of yourself; it is spring, a new beginning. It is known and expected that you will be young and tender in your first appearance, and it is also known that you will grow into a richer, more vibrant version of the new you as the year progresses.  

As the Earth and nature renews and rebirths itself, so we too, are resurrecting ourselves as the more evolved version of ourselves that we know is possible and that we are ready to step into this year. It is a new season, a new cycle, a new turn in the expanding spiral of our personal evolution.

What do you envision for humanity and planet Earth, and what is your role in that vision? Can you see it? Can you see yourself stepping into a new project, a new offering, a new way of being in this world? This is the time. Humanity and this Earth are changing quickly. Will it be for the better? 

One way to influence this change in a positive way is for us all to show up as our best and highest selves. Let’s not leave it up to chance or for others who may not have humanity’s best interest in mind or heart. How all of Earth’s problems get resolved depends entirely on whether or not we show up. If we do show up, how strong do we stand in gifting, sharing and teaching what we know in our hearts is true?

No one is exempt. We all are here for a reason. We are needed right here, right now to show up as the best and highest versions of ourselves, to speak from our hearts, support each other (all of humanity) and speak truth to power.

heart mandala

We may be from different tribes, different races or religions, but at the core, we are all exactly the same.


We want to live freely in peace, we want to be safe, we want shelter, food, medicine and education for our children. We want to experience love and community in positive ways, and to know that we are part of something bigger than ourselves. We all want to be able to give and share freely, to create and live with joy knowing that all is well and true, and that we can count on each other for support when we need it.

It is no secret what it takes to create a peaceful and thriving world. If you know what you want, then truly, you know what every other human being wants as well. Our deepest needs and desires are the same.

It goes without saying that for humans to all live our best lives, we must also include Mother Earth in this vision. If Earth does not thrive, humanity cannot survive, much less thrive for the long term.

This is the time, and We Are All Called to take a stand for Earth and all of humanity. Yes, we are all called. How many of us will answer that call and show up? That is the question.

If you know what you are here to be, do, share or teach in this new year, please sound off in the comments. Your sharing will surely inspire others!




  • this powerful outpouring of intense faith in our deepest humanity and beautiful clarity and tender, urgent calling to come forward, moved me as though a symphony was resonating throughout an enormous forest and into the valleys and beyond.
    thank you for ending my long day with a sacred embrace.

  • Potent clear and powerful words of wisdom so divinely derived . Thank you for the grace of hope in co-creating a new life for which we come .


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