Part 2: Where is Your Perspective Point?

Clear Sphere on Sand

Shall we pick up where we left off?

A Brief Summary: Everyone’s truth is different because their life experiences are unique to them. You may recall that we were using triangles that sit on a straight line to symbolize individual people and that each person’s triangle was filled with everything they have learned and experienced in this lifetime. They all know what they know, but know nothing outside their triangle, which creates plentiful opportunities for disagreements and misunderstandings. If you have not read Part One, you might want to catch up here

Moving forward, this is where the communication I was receiving went totally magical. My ethereal teacher picked up the two ends of the line, one in each hand. Before he picked it up, it was a straight line like this:

illustration 1

After he picked it up, it hung like a string between his hands.

illustration 4 

He kept lifting the two ends, bringing them together and pretty soon it looked like this, but it was not flat and neither were the triangles; it was a transparent sphere filled with pyramids of all sizes. 

illustration 5

Each pyramid represented a person as before and in this spherical shape, it was apparent that all the pyramids were pointing toward the center of the sphere. As each pyramid (or person) grew, it got closer and closer to the center.

I began asking questions, and boy, did I receive answers. It was like a lightning round: ask, answer, ask, answer, ask, answer. And then, without warning, just as a question started forming in my mind, the answer was right there in my mind! Whoa  — from that point the communication was happening crazy fast. I couldn’t begin to write it out for you because it was more a transfer of a block of information and a lot of it, than it was a conversation. That block contained information, feelings, colors, smells, understandings, absolutely everything around the topic being delivered. Because it was so complete, it was more an experience of what was being delivered rather than an idea which I needed to interpret to understand. Because no interpretation was needed, it completely eliminated the chance of misunderstanding. That in itself was a huge revelation about how communication can be so full and complete that there are no mistaken interpretations. Wow, that would change things on Earth if we could all communicate this way! We have the potential to do this; it is fully packed telepathic messaging.

Allow me to share with you the understanding that I came away with. It was basically as follows.

We all chose to come to Earth to be B’earthed as a human. We did this for a multitude of reasons: adventure, learning, new experiences. Many of us came to see if we could overcome the challenges of living in this density; to see if we could start at this density and remember how to find our way back. This would involve mastering the inevitable challenges of living in a dense body on a dense planet with little or no memory of who we were before we came. Because of the primitive methods of communication on Earth, there would be egregious amounts of misunderstandings and frustrations which had the potential to break down into even less desirable, unsophisticated emotional states which could have all kinds of unsavory consequences.

Ooo, exciting; a true challenge! 

Seriously, I signed up for this? 

Don’t laugh too hard … you did it too! 

Now, back to what I learned.

Yes, we all hold unique points of view. It is hard to get agreement with large numbers of humans, yet we all continue following our own unique paths. Eventually each of us will reach the Absolute, the exact Center of the Sphere. That is where total magic happens. When you make contact with the Center, you explode into the Pure Light of All Knowingness. Your essence radiates outward and fills the entire sphere. In that moment, you have ascended, you have become Pure Love and you remember everything from the very beginning of All That Is.

Once you settle in and re-acclimate, you have a choice. You can come back again to have different experiences or you could come back with full memory to help those who are struggling with the Earth challenge. You could choose to go somewhere else — yes, there are other places to go, or you might choose to stay right where you are and help directly from there.

I could say more, but the whole point of our journey and life on Earth is to learn how to keep our wits about us, our love and compassion intact, grow and learn through our experiences and education, and to build our kindness and compassion for ourselves and for others because we know for certain they are experiencing all the same challenges we are and possibly more. We are all here to learn, grow, expand and remember who we truly are. We are also here to help each other — all ways.

glowing star

Every single one of us is made of Pure Love, but for some, the journey has been so challenging, so rough, that they can’t recall much of that anymore, maybe none of it. Have compassion especially for them. They may be the hardest to love and assist, but they are lost. Remember that you would want someone to help you if the situation were reversed. Give generously of your love. Share with them. Teach them by your example and by your kindness. 

It is your state of being, the way you live your life and how you treat others and the Earth that matters.

Love, Joy, Compassion, Kindness

Remember these Things and 

Live by Them Every Single Day.

If we all did this, it would be an absolute paradise on planet Earth! I, for one, can see this possibility as our future reality. More and more people are moving in this direction every day, but of course, this is not what makes the news. It is up to us to maintain our vision and live into it. If enough of us do this, it will become the reality. This is a much more empowered way to live, and it absolutely can be done.

It is our destiny if we choose it.

Ah, free will ... for it to happen, we MUST choose it. Will you ... choose it?

Since this particular download came in years ago, there have been many more along these lines. Are you interested in hearing more? Sound off in the comments below.




  • I really love this model! The idea of the line being picked up like Ariadne’s thread, so delicately putting us all together is simply sublime. Love it, love it, love it. Thanks Reba (and friends!) 🩵

  • Oh, yes. More please. I love this idea that no matter where we are starting the destination is the same, AND there are so many different paths to get there., not one triangle that’s better than another. We are all headed to the center.
    Love this Reba. More, more ,more.🥰

  • When I wrote my feedback on the first part of this “Perspectives” blog, I blended Parts 1 & 2. I had read both in sequence, and I’d forgotten that the “ground line” curving into a circle (or sphere) is covered in this article. So . . . my previous comments referred to the model as a whole. Taken together Parts 1 & 2 strike me as nothing short of inspired brilliance. Thank you.

    I think it’s worth repeating my previous comments here, too:

    This is one of the most insightful, informative, useful, and inspiring models of how perception relates to reality I have come across. As you say, it is “simple,” yet wondrously profound. As a professor of philosophy, I’m attuned to watch for gaps or flaws in models (almost all have some blind spots), as well as to spot coherence and self-consistency.

    This “Perspectives” model makes so much sense . . . and is so meaningful, I’m amazed no-one has presented anything as spot-on as this. Of course, most model-makers do not invite or accept “downloads” of inspiration from realms beyond mere language and cognition.

    I fully agree that we all need to pay attention to diversity of perspectives, and to cultivate compassion for our differences and blind spots. When we operate from this “Perspectives” model, we can still honor our own experience, our own world view, our own perspective . . . without the arrogance that comes with needing to be “right.” By accepting that each person’s perspective is limited, revealing only a small slice of what reality has to offer, we substitute humility for arrogance. We open open up, and if we are curious enough, we will want to learn how the world shows up for others, from different perspectives. That’s how we grow. That’s how we learn. That’s how we overcome disagreements. That’s how we can prevent war.

    Thank you for this shining gem of insight.

    Blessings to all sentient beings . . . and to all perspectives.

  • I love the clear concepts presented especially with diagrams. It makes so much sense. Keep them coming!

    Bonnie B

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