One True Love

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The Indian blessing Namaste translates as “I recognize the Divinity in you, which is also the Divinity in me.”  In other words, we are the same, we are one. Namaste is often used as a greeting, hands held with palms together in front of the heart, both when meeting or departing the presence of another. Often it is not spoken, but accompanied with a small bow of the head, both parties understanding the meaning without having to say the word aloud, but only in the heart.

The Zulu tribe in Africa have the beautiful word Ubuntu which translates as “I am because we are.” The common bonds we share are more important than our individual differences. We are so intimately connected that we can only grow and progress through the growth and progression of others. Ubuntu is often celebrated with group music and dance.

The Mayans have a saying:

In Lak’ech, Ala K’in” means “YOU ARE ANOTHER ME”, “I AM ANOTHER YOU.” 

The traditional Mayan interpretation simply means “I am you. You are me”. What I do to myself, I do to you. What I do to you, I do to myself.

When we are able to transcend our thoughts, we enter that place of pure awareness where all possibility exists; it is the field of pure potential known as Oneness. Some call it the Source, the void, the still point, zero point, pure awareness, the field of pure potential; it goes by many names. The Sufi Poet, Rumi, refers to it here:

“Beyond wrong-doing and right-doing, there is a field. I will meet you there.”

Beyond separation, there is Oneness, there is Love.

Wow, how beautiful is this?! All over the world, people are coming to the same understanding . . . that we are all connected in ways that we never imagined . . . that in the most basic and important way, we truly are all one! 

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Meditation can give us direct exposure to this field of awareness, to the Oneness of all.

The more frequently we enter this state of awareness, the more natural it becomes, until at last, we realize that it is our most comfortable, most joyful state of consciousness, and certainly the most peaceful and beautiful.

We have dissolved the barriers and limiting beliefs of our past and now enter into pure awareness. It may only last a few seconds or minutes, but once experienced, we are forever changed. The door has been opened to higher states of being and the full re-integration of Oneness now begins in our lives.

We recognize that in this Oneness, there is only love . . . it is all that truly exists. 

We are one with all beings, with all of Life. We know beyond a shadow of a doubt that our thoughts, words and actions impact absolutely everything. We make a difference, for better or worse, in every minute of our existence, and it feels good to be aware of that truth. Knowing and understanding this, we now have choice; we can consciously shape what our impact will be, and that feels good too!

At this point, when our focus is the realization that we are indeed, not separate, but one with all life, we commonly become more aware of every aspect and detail of our lives. What we think about matters; our choices impact other people as well as the planet and all beings with whom we share this Earth. We no longer question; we know that we belong to, we are part of, something far greater than ourselves.

Our life begins to change, priorities shift, and we begin to think, do and be more compassionate and loving, more altruistic, more creative, more giving, less concerned with our personal agendas . . . in a word, selfless. We are now more focused on a larger picture than our own lives, and with that shift in perspective, greater wisdom begins to manifest, revealing itself within, to and through us.

It is the most beautiful process to experience, and possibly even more beautiful to witness the awakening of another as they come to the realization of Oneness, to the bigger perspective that encompasses All of Life.

This can only be described as the awakening to the One True Love . . . The Love of All That Is.  
For most of us, this awareness begins as a fleeting glimpse. With practice, it builds so that we are able to hold it for longer periods of time. There are those who come to the place of holding it so well that others begin to notice. They are peaceful, compassionate and loving. They are content, yet they work tirelessly, even joyfully to create change, to help make the world a better place. They become the wise ones, the elders (no matter their physical age). This way of being is our future, the future of humanity. It is time to follow the way-showers and to build our practices. The world needs us now more than ever, and we all will benefit from relaxing into our truest selves.
Have patience, it may take some time, but when you are ready, it will happen in a flash. Along the way, you will begin to notice small changes that are positive such as stress relief for both body and mind, better focus, deeper sleep, greater patience and compassion, more creativity and a more positive attitude, all of which contribute to a general feeling of happiness and excitement about life. Sounds good . . . you could benefit from a few of these things, yes?

Of course, along the way, we will all have moments of fatigue, frustration, fear or judgment. At these times it can be very helpful to remember, based on our own experience in Oneness, that from the highest perspective 

Love is All There Is.

And in the very best way possible, our life is never the same.



  • What a wonderful, and inspiring, perspective. Yes, we all belong in the one universe (that’s what the word “uni-verse” means). And yes, we are all one. Yet we often experience ourselves as unique individuals. How, then, do we get from “individuality” to “oneness”?

    The answer is both simple and profound. Between multiplicity and oneness is INTERCONNECTION. Every one of us (every sentient being) is connected to all sentient beings—constantly sharing and communicating our deepest essence (even when unaware of it). This universal interconnection forms our common unity.

    Yes, we are individuals, but we are never separate. Each of us is co-created by our relationships with all other sentient beings. We are unique nodes in a universal web of interconnection. The late Thich Nhat Hanh called this cosmic connection “interbeing.”

    And because each “node” in the web of being is connected to every other node, we all participate in co-creating reality. I like to call it “Cosmic Democracy”—we all get to choose, but none of us individually gets to decide the outcome. Our deepest nature is not individuality; it’s our shared relationships.

    As sages have said from time immemorial: The One and the Many perpetually dance together. Oneness does not exclude diversity.

    Thanks again for these inspiring and insightful blogs.

  • such a clear
    and encompassing description of what is
    part of our “heritage”
    as beings…and the practices to enable us to live out of that expansive, pure love.
    Beautiful. Heartfelt. Joyous.
    Will revisit it often. Valerie

  • Such a clear stabilizing and catalyzing message !

    Relaxing into our truest selves is so powerful and potent to hear especially at this time of the planetary 🌎 evolution becoming people of peace and love . Thank you for the message and the positivity.

    Mark Takata

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