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What aspect(s) of your life could benefit from a little transformation?

The long-standing tradition of New Years Resolutions, for many of us, has never really been that successful. I suspect that there might be multiple reasons for this. The ones that stand out for me are that we tackle a resolution full-on like it’s a “project” and we set ambitious goals, combined with a fairly tight schedule. Wow, I’m stressed right now just thinking about it. What a set up for failure! 

Most of us do not have time to take on a “big” project. We have busy lives already!  I’ve found that the time required usually corresponds directly to the scale of the project. And what about money? Think of the traditional resolution of weight loss. It often involves a gym membership or class enrollment, possibly a personal trainer, and even new clothing. Didn’t Thoreau warn us about that?  Beware of new ventures …

All of these things are great and certainly could contribute to achieving our desired results, but if it causes us to experience stress in multiple areas of our life simultaneously such as time, money, and pressure to succeed, then it is fairly predictable that, for many, failure and disappointment lie in the not-so-distant future.

What if that whole scenario could shift into a pleasurable, relaxing, feel good about ourselves experience?

What if it had no deadline and there was no way to fail? What if there was a way to transform some part of your life, your self, and experience real change? Wouldn’t that feel good, even satisfying? How’s that for change, right there, and you haven’t even started. Success is already happening!

How can we facilitate this experience rather than the traditional resolution fiasco that it often turns out to be? I suggest that the first thing you do is to sit down, on a chair, on the floor, on a cushion, without slouching. Please notice that I said sit DOWN. We’ve been taught all our lives to sit UP straight. That causes us to pull our belly in, push our chest out, lift our chin up, and then I notice that all those adjustments cause the shoulders to tense upward slightly. 

Seriously, stop all that right now and just sit down.

Imagine the vertebrae of your back, starting at the base of your spine, and try to stack each vertebrae, one by one, squarely on top of the one below it, working your way up to the top of your spine. Take your time, there’s no rush. Really try to feel it; it helps to visualize it as well. Notice what it feels like each time a vertebrae lands in exactly the right spot. Ah, relief, right in that moment! 

spine alignment

When you’ve worked your way to the top of your spine and your entire back is lined up, then notice your head. Where is it in relation to your spine? Commonly it is held too far forward, putting the full weight of your noggin on the muscles of your neck and upper back. Sound familiar? Neck ache, anyone? You may need to play with your head position until you find that place where the weight of your head is sitting squarely on top of the vertebrae just below it. When you find the right spot or position, you’ll notice that your head doesn’t feel heavy any more. Now your neck can rest, and that allows the upper back and shoulders to relax. Just let the spine support the weight of your head. Feels good, right?

Forget about your belly, chest, chin and shoulders. If you have stacked each of your vertebrae perfectly on top of the one below it, then you do NOT need your muscles to hold the weight of your body to stay in proper alignment. You can actually relax. The vertebrae, your bones, will carry the weight of the body and hold you in perfect placement with absolutely no effort. Once aligned in this way, you will be able to stay in this position for a very long time without fatigue. 

Notice how comfortable this is; it is nothing like sitting UP with your whole body tensed to hold the posture. Practice this for a few minutes every day. Get to know your body and let your body get to know through practice, how to put itself into this relaxing, aligned position automatically. Once you discover for yourself the benefits of sitting DOWN, you will never be tempted to sit UP again!

There you have it; step one is a total success! Very little time, no money, no stress … instead, actual stress relief, which I promise you, your body is grateful for! There is so much more that can be done once you are sitting with great ease and comfort, and that brings me to the following.


We have much planned for you in January. It will be a month for the kind of work that will bring change, growth, expansion and new perspectives ... work that is transformational by its very nature. We will be introducing a new category of products called Tools for Transformation and Inspiration, including literal, physical tools, as well as downloads of teachings, sound healings and meditations. We will eventually work our way to live events in order to assist you in a more direct and personal way.

Our purpose, after all, is Expanding Hearts and Minds!

This expansion, our dear friends, is Our resolution and commitment for the coming New Year!

P.S. We are not changing directions. We are expanding, bringing forth additional products and services that will up-level all of us on the more subtle levels. 

We will continue introducing wonderful, beautiful new physical products that lighten the load on Mother Earth and our own earth bodies. We do the research so you don’t have to. Thank you for adding and integrating them into your lives! May they be a constant reminder that our choices matter, no matter how small, and may their beauty inspire you along the way.



  • So gentle a perspective on growth and setting goals..AND actually psychological research supports the effectivenes of such an approach! YAY!

  • Thanks for sharing this simple practice (just about anyone can do) for relieving neck and shoulder stress. Our bodies evolved over millions of years and they know, naturally, how to position our spines for optimum support. We just need to slow down, stop, and pay attention to the wisdom of the body. Sometimes, though, we all need a little help or guidance to remind us. Thank you.


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