Blossoming into Spring

spring blossoms

Spring is here in the northern hemisphere, the flowers are blooming, and life is full of new possibilities. As chaos continues to mount in many areas of government and international relations, the cycles of nature continue to turn, as they always have. As beings who inhabit (and are truly part of) this planet, we too are subject to the turning of the seasonal wheel. The more we connect with this energy, the easier and more enjoyable life can become.

So what new opportunities does spring have in store for us?

As the flowers begin to blossom, we too have the opportunity to come out of hibernation with a fresh perspective and allow ourselves to begin to express in greater fullness. As we plant our gardens, we too can sow the seeds of our next endeavors and intentions. As the birds and the bunnies are cultivating the next generation of their lineages, we too have the perfect environment to find or renew romantic love.

Being someone who was born in the spring, I have a particular fondness for this time of year, but my own bias aside, I do believe it to be quite special. The weather begins to warm and the rivers are flowing in full force. I always feel particularly inspired in the spring. The robust aliveness of the environment creates such a rich opportunity for creativity as well as connection to ourselves and the natural world. Springtime is a fantastic time of year to meditate with the Earth, and to just spend time outside in general. 

This season is also perfect for refreshing your space, so if the spring cleaning bug hasn’t bitten you yet, I would consider setting aside some time to take inventory of your home and do some tidying up. 

As is true with any time of year, eating foods that are in season, is incredibly beneficial to the body, and surely nourishing to the soul as it brings our consciousness more in alignment with the Earth and her cycles. This season is the time to be eating more leafy greens, mushrooms, asparagus, radishes, and other springtime crops.

 As always, drinking plenty of water will benefit your body greatly, although it is particularly important during this time of year. In ancient Chinese medicine, spring is the time of year when the energy of the liver is particularly strong, and drinking a lot of water will make it easier for your liver to do the detoxing that it needs to. Moving your body will also give your liver an extra boost this season, not to mention how good it feels to move these beautiful vessels simply for the joy of it. 

There are so many opportunities for enrichment at every time of year, but as we are in this beautiful, luscious spring portal right now, I encourage you to sink deep into it, and relish in the creativity and renewal that this season brings.



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