Beauty as a Catalyst for Love

pink roses in bloom

What is the fabric of the universe?

Over the past few months this question has been drifting about the forefront of my mind. For a while, I was sure that it was love, but then a few months ago I heard someone I deeply respect on a podcast suggesting that “the fabric of the universe is beauty, and that the experience of seeing beauty is love.” At the time, his words rang very true for me. He speaks about his struggle with the notion that the fabric of everything was love because when he looked around, humanity at large was not acting from a place of love. But as I’ve sat with this, written about it, and walked around the forest with it in my awareness, I’ve come to find that this teacher's statement carries some truth, but not the whole truth.

Throughout my ruminations and meditations, I keep returning back to the age-old notion that the fabric of the universe is indeed love. In addition to that, I have come to believe that the beauty of our universe is a manifestation of the unconditional love of creation, and when we tap into it, we remember that feeling.  

I would speculate that humanity at large hasn't been embodying love because we have become so disconnected from our most essential nature. So what can we do to reconnect?

I believe that there are many paths to reconnection. The path of beauty happens to be relatively simple, and resonates quite deeply within me. 

Everything in the natural world is absolutely beautiful and perfect. From the visual aspect that we get to drink in through our human eyes, to the tiniest little details that we typically don’t perceive . . .

All of it is pure magnificence.

And we are part of it. 

I encourage you to make the effort to find some time to go outside and just exist. Set aside your worries about the future and your regrets from the past, and allow yourself to be present with the beauty of the natural world. Get up before dawn and listen to the birds sing as you watch the sky change colors. Stop to smell a rose on your daily walk, and observe the soft curves of her velvety petals. Sit at the base of a tree and immerse yourself in the steady rhythm of your own breath. Dip your feet into the icy river and marvel at the motion of the water around your ankles. Allow yourself the freedom of presence. 

When we begin to pay closer attention to the life around us, it becomes more and more clear how interconnected we all are, and how truly amazing it is. As we soak in the beauty of the universe by communing with a tree or appreciating another human, we soak in the beauty of who we truly are. 

The more connected we feel, the more easily we can perceive the wonder before us, but just as well, the more present we are with this beauty, the more connected we feel. 

So how can we bring ourselves into deeper presence and reverence? Practice, practice, practice. At first, we may need to give ourselves little reminders to literally stop and smell the roses, but as time goes on, it will once again become second nature. 

Can you imagine how different our world would be if we could all see the intricate, yet simple beauty of who we are and where we come from?



  • Thank you for sharing your beautiful contemplation with recognizing love is the fabric of the Universe. Having a dear friend-client pass last year, she brought me this message, "It is so expansive and amazing in light. There are no human words to describe “love” as on earth it’s not common to truly experience this Universal love my soul is blissfully experiencing." Her transmission gave me greater inspiration for bringing forth Divine Love, Universal Love in my work service. I’m grateful for your powerful message of love and beauty.

    Lisa Clayton
  • The fabric of reality . . .? What a profound question. The ancient Greeks first said it was “water,” then they said it was “fire,” while others said it was “air” or “earth.” Then Empedocles said that all four elements interacted to make reality.

    Of course, that perspective focused on physical existence. But, as we all know, there’s more to reality than MATTER. There’s also MIND—we are aware of the world around and within us.

    When mind pays attention to the flow of experiences and events, we realize that the fundamental essence reveals itself as LOVE—the power of attraction, the power of acceptance, the power of presence.. And when we encounter the world with a heart radiating love, we open to beauty in all its forms. Love is source, beauty its manifestation.

    Thanks Planet Joy for yet another inspiring blog post.

    Christian de Quincey

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