All We Need is Love

Small Hands Making Heart Shape in front of Natural Landscape with heart on grass

On January 18, Planet Joy begins our month long celebration of love — all kinds of love. We do not feel limited by the “Valentine’s Day” love or type of love it subscribes to. We are more excited and enthused about all the variations of love that exist.  

There is young love, new love, true love, parental love, the love of a child. There is the love of friends and family, the love of dogs, and the love of life itself. Love of nature, love of trees, and the love of the ocean. The love of gardening and the love of art. There is the love of creating and the love of accomplishment and completion. The love of music and the love of theater. The love of a good meal or a good book, the love of beauty and the love of rest and “time off.” The love of peace and stillness and the love of laughter.

No matter how and what the focus of love, nothing nourishes the soul more than the giving and receiving of love in all its forms. There is no shortage of love; in fact, the more you share love, the more there is! The more you give, the more you have. There is a never-ending, totally regenerative supply and we are all tapped in and connected to the source of it.

For this next month, we suggest that you share your heart, your love every single day; maybe a card, a phone call or a text. A kind word, a smile, a generous thought, or a kind comment. Maybe love yourself with the beauty and comfort of a new organic cotton hoodie or a coffee mug with a gorgeous heart to remind you of your daily mission!

Maybe go to lunch with a friend, eat great food and get plenty of sleep. Self love is important as a basis for being able to freely and joyfully give love to others. 

Just maybe, you will find as you move through the world sharing your love, that people are more like you than they are different. I find this to be true the world over; that no matter what the news tells us, when we look closely and pay attention, we find that people are kind. They want the same things for their families as we do for ours: safety, food, shelter, education, healthcare, freedom, happiness and opportunity.

We suggest that you offer this prayer to every person in the world daily for the next thirty days. Sit in a quiet place, place your attention in your heart, and offer this:

May all beings be safe.
May all beings be well.
May all beings be happy.
May all beings be peaceful.
May all beings be loved.

Repeat this prayer three times and then sit in the silence with these words and the feelings they have generated in you. From now through February 14 (and beyond if you wish), we request that you share your love in this way daily and . . .

Know that you are loved.
Know that you ARE LOVE.
Know that you can share this love.
Know that it will make a difference.
Know that you make a difference.

We are the ones we have been waiting for.




  • Beautiful prayer…

    Gail Stevens
  • L-O-V-E . . . How true: February is not just a month to celebrate romantic relationships (of course, romance warms our hearts, too). It’s also a time to open our being to all eight forms of love:

    Agape—Unconditional love.

    Eros—Romanic love.

    Philia—Affectionate love.


    Storge—Familiar love.

    Pragma—Enduring love.

    Ludus—Playful love.

    Mania—Obsessive love.

    And, for good measure, let’s add “Gaia love”—that feeling of completeness when the joy of nature fills our hearts and nurtures our souls.


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