31 Soul Nourishing Self-Care Activities

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Self-care is not all massages and pedicures; it’s how we treat ourselves throughout our day-to-day lives. 

In this world where everything can be so go-go-go, and we hold ourselves to such a high standard of productivity, it’s more important than ever to give ourselves the space to relax and recharge before we burn outWe weren’t born to work ourselves into the ground; it is our birthright to experience pleasure and enjoy being alive.

Remember, taking care of yourself is not selfish — for you cannot pour from an empty cup.

Below you’ll find a short list of ways you can take care of yourself that are low cost and have little to no environmental impact:

Simple Acts to Help You Feel More Centered and Balanced

   1. Cook a beautiful meal to have solo or share with others.

   2. STRETCH — your body will thank you.

   3. Self-Massage:

  • After you bathe, get out some nice lotion or oil and moisturize each part of your body with care, paying attention to where you feel sore and which areas need some extra love, thanking each part of your body for all that it does. 

   4. Take a nap if you need it.

   5. Enjoy a hot bath

  • Light some candles, add whatever makes you happy — Epsom salts, essential oils (try our Organic Lavender Essential Oil), bubble bath etc. *Baths actually use less water than the average shower*

   6. Make art without an agenda or any judgement. Kids are really good at this; we could learn a thing or two from them.

   7. Journal:

  • Write down everything that’s crowding your mind 
  • Write out your hopes and intentions for the near or distant future
  • There are plenty of prompts out there for those of us who need a little jump-start.

   8. Write a list of things that you love about yourself.

   9. Write affirmations and place them where you’ll see them often (e.g. on the bathroom mirror, your bedside table, etc.)

   10. Put on an outfit that is comfortable and makes you feel good about yourself.

   11. Do your future self a favor: 

  • Write a nice note for yourself to find later.
  • Do a small task that you’ll be glad for tomorrow morning.

   12. Check in: when was the last time you ...

    • Changed your sheets and/or towels?
    • Cut/filed your nails?
    • Washed your hair?
    • Tidied up your space?

       13. Smell a flower.

       14. Go on a walk.

       15. Hug or put your hands on a tree (ask for permission first).

       16. Walk barefoot on the earth.

    Express Love  It activates our hearts, plus, making others feel good makes us feel good too. 

       17. Reach out to someone you love that you haven’t spoken to in a while.

       18. Tell someone something you admire about them.

       19. Tell someone why you’re grateful for them.


       20. Quiet Meditation 

      • Sit with a straight spine or lie down in silence and try to just be. When thoughts arise, let them float by without needing to indulge or judge them. 

         21. Guided Meditation:

      • There are many guided meditations out there; you can find them on YouTube, most meditation apps, many spiritual teachers offer them on their websites, and eventually you’ll be able to access some here at PLANET JOY ...

         22. Walking Meditation:

      • Go somewhere you feel safe; it could be your backyard, or your favorite hiking spot.
      • Find a breath pattern that feels good to you with equal time on each inhalation and exhalation. If you don’t know where to start, try 5 counts in and 5 counts out, you can always adjust to what feels most comfortable.
      • Match the rhythm of your breath with your steps (5 counts = 5 steps, so 5 steps on your in-breath and 5 on your out-breath).
      • As you walk in sync with your breath, feel the ground under your feet, really notice how it feels to take each step. Allow yourself to be fully present in each moment; notice how the air feels on your skin and in your lungs. What does the sky look like? Are there plants nearby? What is it like to be in your body at this moment?

         23. Eating Meditation:

      • Take a piece of food, it can be anything, but we’ll use a tangerine as an example:
      • Hold the tangerine in your hands, take a moment to feel the skin. Is it rough? Is it soft? A combination of the two or something totally different? Turn the little fruit over in your hands. Take a moment to think about where it came from, the blossom that was there before the fruit formed, the tree it grew on, the hands that brought it to your home. What does the tangerine smell like? How does its bright color make you feel? Now take your time as you peel the skin, noticing every sensation. Slowly, pull one slice out, notice the new texture of this little piece of heaven, the look, the smell. Place it gently on your tongue and savor the delicate citrusy flavor.
      • You can apply this principle to cooking too. Simply allow yourself the space to notice and appreciate every aspect of your food, and to experience each moment of preparing it, and, of course, eating it too.

           24. Sound Healing Meditation: 

        • You can find some of our favorites by Clare Hedin in our Sound Healing section. 

           25. Heart-Focused Breathing: 

          • I learned this simple technique from my dear friend and mentor, Lisa Clayton. It is proven to bring the nervous system to a neutral, zero point after just a few breaths. 
          • Start by taking a deep breath into your heart space. (Placing your hands over your heart can help you focus in on the area). Breathing in for a count of 5 and then releasing for a count of 5 is a good rule of thumb. Continue with this breath pattern and activate feelings of love, gratitude and appreciation by thinking of someone, something or someplace that you love/are grateful for. Continue for 5 minutes or more. 

          Reduce/Limit Screen Time 

             26. Turn your phone off for a set period of time each day.

          • I usually turn my phone on airplane mode or completely off an hour before bed, and then I don’t turn it back on until after I’ve had time to wake up and start my day. This practice helps me get to sleep more easily at night, and in the morning, I am able to set the tone for my day instead of being at the mercy of whatever notifications pop-up.

             27. Take a social media break (1 day, 1 week, 1 month ... whatever feels right for you).

          Make commitments to yourself. Self-discipline can be difficult at first, but it always pays off in the long-run.

             28. Commit to drinking more water.

             29. Commit to eating healthier/learning about health and wellness.

             30. Commit to a morning routine: 

            • This can look different for everybody — it could be exercise, meditation, journaling, a combo, just sitting with your tea … whatever feels good to you.
            • Some people prefer to have an evening ritual, or both if you have the time and desire to do so.

               31. Set time aside every week to indulge your creativity.

            • Drawing, playing with chalk, painting, singing, dancing around the living room for 10 minutes, cooking beautiful meals, stacking stones by the river, coloring, knitting, embroidery, collaging, playing music ... anything that makes you happy!


            Both your body and mind will function at healthier and higher levels when you integrate a few of these practices into your life. You will find that the resulting peace of mind and your healthier, more relaxed body is certainly nourishment for your soul! 

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